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Natural Microblading Artistry

My story begins here


So what's my story? 

Growing up I knew my family was not your traditional family, however we were always blessed with the necessities. My mom was a single mom of nine and it was never a dull moment in our home. My mom worked tiredlessly to provide for her family. Along the way I was fortunate to adopt some of her strength and work ethics. To create security for me she requested a manicurist license to later managing one of the family business. Initially there was resistance but I agreed after some persuading. Her message was always, "If you want something, only your own two hands can achieve it". 

In 2005, I headed to San Francisco to attend Academy of Arts until 2010. During my studies I later realized that design was not for me and I was again drawn back into the beauty industry once more. Naturally, I continued in my mothers footsteps opening, My Little Nail Shop in 2012.  Earning a 5 star reputation according to yelp for 7 consecutive years. While operating My Little Nail Shop I was able to complete my Paramedical Esthetics certification in 2012. In 2015 I advanced with a certification at the Nail Art Academy. A few years later my interests gravitated into microblading and permanent cosmetics. I completed my microblading certification in 2017 with World Microblading. In 2018, Natural Microblading Artistry became a permitted facility and I am an official body arts practitioner through the county of San Mateo. In 2018 my additional certifications include color theory, tattoo removal, nano-tattooing and hair strokes also along with needling. In 2019 I continued my education with Ishape brows to learn advanced techniques for microblading. In addition, my studies now include oncology esthetics certification through Oncology Training International. I am now currently training in paramedical tattooing. To further my business development I have now joined a mentorship to develop not only my business but me as a person. I have  come to realize that I have found my true calling and I will continue to grow and challenge myself in the permanent cosmetics industry. 

Your practitioner,

Tina Pierinelli - "Natural Microblading Artistry"

I look forward to taking care of you,

~Why I do what I do?

" What I do doesn't feel like work because I love takng care of my clients and making a difference in their lives.  It feels rewarding and well worth it when you can bring an honest smile and happiness to a person in need"