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please read carefully


Please READ to see if you are a candidate for microblading

Laser, Peel Botox, Fillers, Facials

Laser and Peel: Depending on the strength of the laser or peel,  one month or longer maybe required for before and after microblading and or tattooing.

Botox: Must wait 2 weeks until any tattooing can be done before and after receiving botox no tattooing/microblading 2 weeks before client gets botox , no tattooing/microblading  for 2 weeks after having botox 

Fillers: lip fillers: No tattooing for 3 months after a client has a lip filler, Client must wait 1 month to have filler once lip procedure has been done. Fillers in face will depend... where in the face.? Usually it is okay since fillers are not done in the brow area

Facials: must have facial 2 weeks before tattooing can be done and wait 2 weeks after tattooing.


* HAIR TRANSPLANT FOR BROWS- Best not to do tattooing or microblading in the area

* If you get hot easily and or have a bleeding disorder - this may result in stopping the procedure and also the pigment may not retain


*Pregnant, Nursing,- you are not a candidate for microblading or tattooing

*Hemophilia, blood thinners- Not a candidate

* Glaucoma- Will cause excessive bleeding and will not have the best results

* Botox- after botox, wait 3 weeks to do microblading. 

Previously tattooed brows

please read carefully to see if there are any contraindications

Please discuss with practitioner to see what is the best method for correction, whether it should be removed or corrected over existing brows

Other factors in the skin that can not retain color

* Deep wrinkles

* Moles, bumps

* Piercings

* NO SUN BURNED SKIN/ recently tanned


* ACNE- AcCUTANE- stop use for a year, otherwise it will not heal well after microblading/tattooing

* Retin- A ( Retinol, Vitamin A) Stop using for a month

* Latisse- eyelash growth serum OR ANY EYELASH SERUMS- please stop using 3-6 months, you will bleed excessively if you don't stop using the serum.



SKIN CONDITIONS for brow/ face area

please read carefully to see if there are any contraindications

* Eczema

* Psoriasis 

* Keratosis pilaris

 * Dermatitis

( these skin conditions may not hold pigment well)

Conditions of skin that can cause poor retention of pigment and or blurred hair strokes

* Chronic Acne - Excessive oily skin ( larger pores)

* Rosacea- You can bleed easily, therefore the pigments will not retain color very well (sensitive and skin turns pink easily and may also burn easily when in the sun)


How do I book an appointment?

Once you have reviewed the information in this packet, ask us any questions you have, and then we will choose your appointment date. Remember to bring your photo ID to your appointment. Also, it’s very important to book your touch up appointment at the same time that you book your initial appointment! This is to ensure that you get a date and time that works for you before my schedule books up. The touch up appointment should be 8 weeks after your initial appointment if possible.


********PLEASE NOTE- ONLY THE PRACTITIONER AND CLIENT IN ALLOWED IN THE PROCEDURE ROOM. (please don't bring your pets, kids or friends or family into the procedure room- for contamination and safety reasons - no other person is allowed except myself and the client. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING*********

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Before your appointment

• YOU NEED YOUR ID- don’t forget to bring your valid government ID

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ( you can not be under the influence of any illegal drug) Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 24 hours before the procedure.

• Because Botox can alter the position of your brows, it should be performed no later than at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

• Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products two weeks prior to treatment.

• Discontinue Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior to treatment.

• Thoroughly read all the forms given to you at the time of your appointment and ask any questions you may have.

• Be sure to advise me of any allergies (soy or eggs-pigments have this ingredient), medical conditions, prior permanent eyebrow make-up and prescriptions you take prior to your appointment.

• Please don’t wear any makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, on the day of the procedure. You are more than welcome to apply makeup in areas that are not on the brows after microblading procedure. Wearing makeup may prevent me from picking the best pigment colors for your brows. Its best not to wear moisturizer or sunscreen or any kind of barrier that may prevent the pigment from taking into the skin. Just keep skin bare


 Be sure to shower before your appointment because you cant get brows wet for 24 hours.

• Eat something before your appointment

• Use the restroom before the procedure

• You may want to wear some clothing that is comfortable and not restrictive.

• If you wear contacts try not to wear it for the day of microblading procedure.

• Have a hair tie to tie back hair

• You can bring your music to listen to if you wish or I can set up a station on my pandora if your prefer

What to expect-

1) We will discuss your idea of what you would like your brows to be

2) We will come to a compromise on which brow will compliment your face shape

3) I will apply the brow powder to give you an basic idea of the shape

4) Once we finalize the shape we will discuss the “Correct Pigment” for your skin type

5) Mapping will be done for your brows. This is where grids will be placed on the brows to show you your symmetry and where we should correctly add or take away from the existing brows.

6) We will proceed to microblading and or micropigmentation

7) Ill discuss after care and we will plan for a return appointment for the touch up


Blot and Balm After Care

Immediately after the microblading procedure allow for eyebrows to breathe for 1 hour – Do not touch your eyebrows during the healing process

Day of treatment: Lightly blot eyebrows with a cool damp Kleenex/ towel cloth and apply a rice kernel size of the balming ointment with a q-tip or cleam finger to each eyebrow every hour. Maintain a thin layer of hydration.

Day 2: blot the eyebrows and apply balm in the morning. Apply balm 2 times throughout the day keeping the brows hydrated. After 24 hrs you’re allowed to shower and wash the brow area. Gently do so and use something like cetaphil or a mild wash

Day 3-7: For the remaining of your healing apply balm 2-3 times daily but no blotting is necessary. Apply balm when you feel like the brows are drying out.

Final healing Day: At this point, your brows will appear very light in color. The true color will appear in 4-5 weeks. The true color will be 30% to 50% lighter than the initial day color

What to expect:

After the procedure, it is natural for some swelling and discomfort to occur. Apply an ice pack for about 10 minutes to bring some relief.

The eyebrows will appear bolder and darker in color with a more defined shape a few hours afer the procedure and will last between 3-5 days.

There should be minimal scabbing and or flaking of the skin. DO NOT PICK, RUB, WIPE, SCRATCH.